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The Wingspan Way

Bill Kennedy

Wingspan offers consulting, planning, research, training and seminars for enterprises of all sizes in the public and private sectors, non-profit and for-profit alike. The ideal candidate companies are those with 10-500 employees.  We can provide the assistance you need to solve your problems, improve your efficiency, increase your profitability, and help your business grow through two major services: Training Seminars and Business Consulting.

Training Seminars

Wingspan offers over 20 training seminars covering such subjects as customer service, lean manufacturing, marketing, management/leadership skills, sales, strategic planning, total quality management, and time management among others.

Presentations are geared for individual companies, trade groups, business symposiums, and the like. Our seminars.

Business Consulting

Wingspan also offers a wide range of management consulting, including executive coaching, assistance with process improvements, and guided change management where an outside perspective can often help overcome internal inertia. Our goal is to enhance your profitability by delivering customer focused solutions for increasing revenue and improving operational efficiencies.

The process of management consulting engagement starts with a complimentary consultation during which we will assess your needs, identify opportunities for improvement and set tangible goals. Typically, this initial meeting begins with a discussion of the company’s strategies and objectives during which we will pinpoint with management opportunities to:

As your agent for improvement, Wingspan can fulfill many roles. We are first and foremost your partner and will work you to the depth and breadth appropriate to your needs to grow your company and improve your business performance. In the role of Strategist, we consult with management to assess the current environment, systems, processes and culture and then formulate strategic plans to move the organization toward performance excellence. As a Change Agent, we will help you design detailed, systemic implementation plans and will facilitate the support necessary for their acceptance and accomplishment. We also act as Educator, offering standard and customized training programs designed to foster leadership, collaboration, teamwork and results. See topics available. Through out our partnership we act as Coaches providing specific assistance to help executives grow and contributing support, information and communication across the entire organization.

If you are not entirely satisfied with your answers to these questions, you may want to take a closer look at what Wingspan can do for you. Contact us.